Advanced Pack

Detailed Family History Research - as far back as records for your family exist!




You will discover:

- The full names of your ancestors;

- The exact dates of birth of male direct ancestors;

- The addresses they were born at;

- Their father's occupations at the times of their births;

- Details of christenings/baptisms, where records exist;

- The area(s) where they lived;

- Their exact street address(es);

- Their religion(s);

- The dates of their marriages;

- Where they got married;

- Who the witnesses were at their weddings;

- The occupation(s) of each family member.

- Who they lived with eg. with family/employers/lodgers/servants;

- What the area(s) they lived in were like;

- The origins and meaning of your surname;

- The frequency and distribution of your surname in the U.K.;

- As many generations as possible!


You will receive:

- 24 hours of dedicated family history research;

- A generation list, giving details of each generation including names, dates and places of birth, marriage, and death, and known children/siblings;

- An A3 size family tree;

- Certified copies of all available birth certificates for your direct male ancestors;

- Certified copies of all available marriage certificates for your direct ancestors;

- Photocopies of the originals of all of the available census report documents your family appear on. Available census reports include the 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901, and 1911 census reports;

- A4 transcripts of the original census report documents, making clear all of the sometimes hard to understand (and often hard to read!) information on the census reports.

- A4 transcripts of all birth and marriage certificates.

- Pages detailing any relevant church records, eg. christenings/baptisms, marriages, burials;

- A page explaining the origin and meaning of your surname;

- A page detailing the frequency and distribution of your surname;

- A map pinpointing the different addresses, churches, and areas relevant to your ancestors.


All of the above documents come presented in a luxury hardback family history book and are printed on archive quality paper, guaranteed to last over 200 years before they even start to fade. You will also receive a personalised family history CD and an A3 size family tree scroll.

The Advanced Pack will be delivered to you via Royal Mail Special Delivery.


The Advanced Pack takes 6-8 weeks to complete.