Advanced Add-On

Can be added to any of our set packages




Can be added to any of our set packages to trace your family history from the early 1800s back into the 1700s and beyond!


The Advanced Add-On traces your family back through parish records where they survive. This add-on also includes copies of any old Wills and any other surviving pre-Victorian records for your family where they survive, although please note these are extremely rare.

Parish records reveal the names and dates/places of baptism, marriage, and burial of your family. All parish records are presented as a copy of the original with a modern transcript accompaniment.

Please note that for the vast majority of families these records reveal much less information than the detailed Victorian records.


All of the above documents can be added to your existing family history book and are printed on the highest quality archival paper, guaranteed to last over 200 years before the pages even start to fade, making your family history book a the perfect family heirloom. A digital copy of your family history is also available free of charge.


The Advanced Add-On takes approximately 3-4 weeks to complete.