About Us


We are a small family business based in Bollington, Cheshire.

We are passionate about genealogy and have been researching family history and local history for many years. We also specialise in helping people trace long lost family and friends.

Danika Lloyd - Family Historian

The fascination for me began as a 6 year old child looking through old family photographs with my Grandad, some of which are displayed below, and I feel very lucky that the childhood fascination has become a fascinating full time job!

We have traced our own family tree, along with a few others, as far back as the 1200s, (the furthest back client family tree so far is 1050!), and have traced many trees, in detail, back to the 1400s. We are highly experienced in tracing family history in all areas of Great Britain. We are also experienced in tracing British ancestry in India, and American ancestry.

I feel very privileged that what started as a dream quickly became reality and we have been constant;y fully booked for over 5 years and work solely from referrals from our very happy customers!

At Family History Helpers you can be sure of an unrivaled, speedy, and in-depth service tailored to suit your needs.

We look forward to helping you to discover your family's history!